Atlas Board build script gets stuck

I’ve been able to build an angstrom from scratch using various pieces
– so i think i know what i’m doing …

i wanted to try building using the atlas code base (for some of the built functions etc ) but
the script hangs at

qsys-script --cmd="source scripts/create_ghrd_qsys_ATLAS_SOC_GHRD.tcl; build_qsys scripts/qsys_default_components.tcl ATLAS_SOC_GHRD" 2>&1 | tee logs/ATLAS_SOC_GHRD.qsys_gen.stamp.log
2015.09.18.08:00:31 Info: Doing: qsys-script --cmd=source scripts/create_ghrd_qsys_ATLAS_SOC_GHRD.tcl; build_qsys scripts/qsys_default_components.tcl ATLAS_SOC_GHRD
-- Accepted parameter $devkitname = ATLAS_SOC_GHRD
-- Accepted parameter $qsys_name = soc_system
-- Accepted parameter $devicefamily = CYCLONEV
-- Accepted parameter $device = 5CSEMA4U23C6
2015.09.18.08:00:34 Info: create_system soc_system
2015.09.18.08:00:34 Info: set_project_property DEVICE_FAMILY CYCLONEV
2015.09.18.08:00:34 Info: set_project_property DEVICE 5CSEMA4U23C6
2015.09.18.08:00:34 Info: add_instance hps_0 altera_hps 

I have fulfilled all the prereq: – i was just wondering if anyone had run in to this previously ???

oh never mind
an Altera Issue

should have done the obvious search first …

But i’m SOL
the web version won’t load The Stratix® device package …

aagghhhh *&^&@^@#@!!!

just install the full quartus and point to the web edition license.

?? there is no license.dat file for the web version …

Has this issue been fixed on later Quartus releases, such as the current 15.1 release?


I’d be also very curious is there is any chance to make this working in 15.1 release (WEB edition).
Or some workaround if possible.

Is there any chance someone providing a link to Quartus/Qsys sources of this base design?

I’d be fully happy with the ethernet functionality on GHRD, which I obviously don’t know how to get on with. I was hoping that by having qsys of base design I could undestand how it is actually done using the “chipid2mac” in u-boot script.

Thanks a lot, if you can point me to the right direction. Without the ethernet, the board has very little use for me.

This is still broken in Quartus 16.0 and the strange workaround (installing Stratix device packages) didn’t work for me.

Are the instructions wrong?