[Atlas SoC] Building a Linux Image compatible with Mathworks embedded coder

Preface: Im building an Field Oriented Control Modul for FPGAs for a thesis and a side goal is to provide an easy interface for the people who are supposed to work with it afterwards. My hope is to get the modul (or multiple instances) hooked to a simulink embedded coder application running on the hard processor via AXI.

The Atlas Board is not supported for the workflow. There is a simulink demo for the FPGA/HPS workflow which basically counts some leds and the hps sets speed/direction.

The Problem: I am able to synthesize the FPGA Side of that demo for the Atlas board, but flashing over the HPS via Simulink doesnt work. It requires a “mw_setboot” utility.
Flashing over JTAG works fine, but the result is not controllable by the embedded coder software. I came to the understanding, that this doesnt work because “mw_setboot” also updates the devicetree.

There is a Matlab Documentation, which shows how to setup other boards, but it only mentions a linux image for their specific example. The download link leads to a repository with a buildroot fork for Mathworks images. But neither do I have the knowledge to do so, nor did I find any mentions on how to actually modify the Mathworks version of the build script for new boards.

So I’m asking, if somebody with more knowledge in these topics, can take a look and tell me, whether I can maybe just insert the needed utilities into an existing image or show me some signs on how I can build one from the repo mentioned for the Atlas board.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Additional comment: I’d love to get into the depths of linux for SoC Systems afterwards. But right know I’m focusing on my thesis about Hardware Design and am looking for the easiest solution at hand.