Bad initab entry at line 5

Hi, I’m having a bit of a nightmare with a DE1-SoC board. What seems like (and was!) many weeks ago I was having problems with the profiler on OpenCL. I put this down to the board’s RTE version being 14.1 and the compilers AOCL version being 15.0. I eventually upgraded and got it to work. However I wanted to be able to link to some OpenCV libraries and wanted more space on the root partition for image files. So I’ve tried to create a new SD Card with little success.
On the Rocketboards site there seems to be many different ways of doing similar things, some of which now seem to be out of date (it would be useful for the novice if these could be put in a “no longer working area”). Currently I’m having a go with a Yocto Dizzy build but have got stuck on booting where I have the error
“Bad inittab entry at line 5”
“can’t open /dev/si: No such File or directory.”
I’m using kernel 3.13.0-00299 and booting with U-Boot 2013.01.01-00121.
Looking at /etc/inittab line 5 it’s just the standard “id:5:initdefault:”
Has anyone got any suggestions on what the cause of the problem is?
Or even better does anyone have a working image for the DE1-SoC with OpenCL v15 and a fully functioning linux (eg. one where the network works and apt-get will work)?
Thanks in advance.
Best wishes,