Baremetal DS-5 build


I hope someone can help with the following:

After install of intel DS-5, I can build baremetal examples succesffuly from the installed folder (C:\intelFPGA\18.1\embedded\examples\software )

But then I tried to use the example File:SoCFPGA-GettingStarted-AV-ARMCC.tar.gz from the wiki:

On trying to build it I get:

**** Build of configuration Debug for project SoCFPGA-GettingStarted-AV-ARMCC ****
Toolchain required to build project is not registered: ARM Compiler 5 (DS-5 built-in)

The same happens will all examples from this page are failed with error:

  1. start eds shell with: start->all programs->intel fpga 18.1 -> eds commands shell
  2. type eclipse &
  3. import SoCFPGA-GettingStarted-AV-ARMCC.tar (taken from above wiki) into eclipse
  4. press build on project

Somewhere I found that it is said to try to change toolchain preference in ds-5 eclipse, but on trying to do this on this eclipse I get: a window error in eclipse saying “unable to create the selected preference page” … :frowning:
Is there any idea what I am doing wrong ?

Thank you!