Beginner Question: How to write data from FPGA to HPS (DE0-Nano-SoC)

Hello everyone,

Please, can somebody explain to me how to write data from the FPGA to the HPS?


I have an IP component that receives 4 bytes of data from the I/O pins and assembles a 32-bit word at a rate of 1 MHz. I need to send the data to the HPS so that it can assemble UDP frames and send them to a remote PC.

I was thinking of using the SDRAM Controller to write the 32-bit words to the HPS and then writing a program in Python to send the data over Ethernet.

I have tried to read many documents from Altera but English is not my first language so I am having trouble understanding them.

Please, any piece of advise would be appreciated.

Hi David,

Your English writing seems fine to me but if you find it difficult to read them it’s going to be hard I think. Many tutorials I’ve come across are in English. What language is your native language?


Hi Richard,

Mi native language is Spanish.

The reason I am having trouble understanding the tutorials is a combination of the technical terms used and lack of some background knowledge about the L3 Interconnect/FPGA-HPS Bridges.

I think if someone could point me in the right direction with my project (for example: FPGA -> L3 -> on-chip RAM -> HPS) I could figure the rest out for myself.


Hi David,
A very understandable and clear tutorial I have followed resulted for me in a running embedded linux where I could send data to/from fpga and vice versa. I do not have background knowledge on the L3 interconnect available but maybe you want to give it a try; it’s at

Hope you can get some benefit from it!


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This is the best tutorial I have seen so far. Thank you very much Richard.

You’re welcome! Everybody needs some help or directions sometimes so good luck with it!