Beginner question. Linux on Windows PC

I need to design my SW project for Linux OS, running on Arria 10 SoC. My workstation is Windows PC. Do I need to install a Linux OS on my PC?
I have installed Virtual Box on my PC, but I do not know how to continue: the Virtual Box, after I defined a new Linux Machine, requests to me insert a start-up disk. I am confused and do not know what to do now.
Thank you for advance.

Hello, Yakov,
need of Linux-based operation system depends on that, what kind of software are You want to develope. E.g. compiling drivers for Linux-based distribution running at Your Arria 10 SoC is very difficult under Windows.
An answer to Your second question may be: Virtual Machine is just a virtual computer. An operating system has to be installed on every machine - on physical as well as on virtual one. You probably need to download the instalation image of operation system, You want to run on the vritual machine.
Best wishes, Jan Konečný.

Hi Yakov,

Follow this link:
You can run Ubuntu (a Linux flavor) from a memory stick without affecting your Windows installation.


Hello Jan,
Thank you for explanation.
Regarding of “kind of software are You want to develop”. We have some project that runs on non-Linux Real-Time OS, on Nios II processor, Arria 10.

It has 2-3 tasks and does UDP communication (one task) and read data from RAM (second task). We need to migrate this project to Arria 10 SoC, with Linux OS. (Linux is absolutely new for us.)
So, I suppose, we do not need to " compiling drivers for Linux-based distribution ". Can we use Ubuntu on Virtual Box for that purpose?


Yakov Erlich

Hello @Yakov,
well, You want to create a program (also called User-space application) for Linux-based operation system .You can also choose two forms of rpgram - a simple program or so-called daemon. Daemons are special programs similar to Services at Windows but are more compicate to write.
You could develop the program at virtual machine with Ubuntu via Virtual Box, but it could also be developer without it, on Windows directly, with tools of Intel SoC Embedded Software Development Suite (i.e. Intel SoC EDS), especially DS-5 studio. I recommend to use this way if You do not have any experience with virtual machines.
I also recommend You to read these articles:

Hello @ JanKonecny
Thank you for help. I will follow your recommendations

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