Beginner question. New FAQ

The RocketBoards is very confusing site.
It does not have regular FAQ entry, current FAQ is a list of ethical and common sense points.
Below is several points that I encountered and them disturb me to use this site and take my time to navigate through it.

  • Why, when I did login to the Forum, I do not see any sign of that, like “Hi John, you are connected” in upper left corner?

  • I created account on RocketBoard Forum site. However, when I tried to login in RocketBoard Main site site, I can not. For my common sense RocketBoadrs Main and RocketBoadrs Forum are the same site with the same account. But reality is other: they have different accounts.

  • Another disadvantage: when I logged in to the Forum and had open Rocketboards General page, I can not see my Account and I absolutely do not know how I can see it!
    (Note: as new user I can not insert more then 2 links in my post! So Rocketboards General is without link )

  • On any Rocketboards Forum page: upper left logo is named as RocketBoards org and on my sense that is a link to RocketBoard Main site. But it is link to the Forum one!