Board files to sopc2dts

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to modify the DTS result from sopc2dts using an additional xml file. I have added a “dual configuration block” (using Altera MAX10 with quartus 15.0.2) and when I run sopc2dts, I get the following result:

    dual_boot_0: unknown@0x8a0 {
        compatible = "unknown,unknown-15.0";
        reg = <0x000008a0 0x00000020>;
    }; //end unknown@0x8a0 (dual_boot_0)

I would like to modify this result to look something like this:

    dual_boot_0: remoteupdate@0x8a0 {
        compatible = "altremote";
        reg = <0x000008a0 0x00000020>;
    }; //end unknown@0x8a0 (dual_boot_0)

in order to hook in the driver when my linux os is booting. I know how to change the compatible parameter using the board xml file, but I haven’t found how to change the actual name (or if that is even required so to speak)?

Hope to get some help with this

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It shouldn’t be required to change the node name: Your driver will key off the compatible property, and won’t care what the node is called. It can be useful though when debugging.

You may be able to change node names and properties by modifying a _hw.tcl file in Quartus (not the xml). e.g. adding:

set_module_assignment embeddedsw.dts.compatible "altremote"
set_module_assignment “remoteupdate”

Then sopc2dts should create the correct data in the first place. However, I can only point the way on this one. Does anyone else have further tips?


Hi Iain

Sorry for my late reply, and thanks for yours.
So the node name is only used for debugging purposes?

I got the driver to hook with the correct node in the device tree. But now I need to write a driver for the Max10 dual configuration block, or is there one available? :stuck_out_tongue: