Boot scripts Linux SOC

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how to set-up a boot script for the Linux SOC? I’m interested in the directory it should be written, the general structure of the script and any other factors needed to get it working successfully. The script itself isn’t required to do much, just change directories and run an executable file. I’m hoping its fairly simple to set-up and someone has knowledge in this. Thanks in advance for any help.

Seems to work now. If anyone else needs to know how to achieve this, first add a service in the /lib/systemd/system directory. When enabled, it will execute on boot. I made my service run a shell script to start an executable. I tried making the service run the executable directly but had issues.

Hi BogdanL,
the following information could be helpful to you.
When logging into Linux Angstrom with root user, the startup file used to set the root user environment is /etc/profile, so you can modify it to perform some operations or to invoke the execution of your custom script. Moreover, if you need to run an executable file, copying such executable in the /usr/sbin then you will be able to run the executable from anywhere, just typing the (instead of the local path and ./ paradigma).

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