BOOTING from qspi flash


I am trying to boot an baremetal application from qspi flash without using uboot or any OS in cyclone V soc. My code works fine in debug mode. But doesnt boot from qspi flash on its own.

steps followed

  1. generated preloader-mkpimage.bin file with qspi boot using bsp generator
  2. compiled my baremetal design to obtain my_file.axf
  3. converted my_file.axf to my_file.bin using soceds command
  4. loaded preloader-mkpimage.bin file at address 0x00000000 of qspi flash successfully using command quartus_hps -c 1 -o P preloader-mkpimage.bin
    5.loaded my_file.bin at address 0x60000 of qspi flash using command quartus_hps -c 1 -o P -a 0x60000 my_file.bin
  5. Cold reset the system.

System not booting from qspi flash. how to do it without u boot . please guide


after step5, you need qspi reset.
qspi reset is possible h/w reset or s/w reset.
if you use s/w reset, send reset command through QSPI Flash Controller Module Registers in HPS Memoru map.