Booting HPS from FPGA


has anyone managed to boot the whole u-boot image (Bootloader) from FPGA? If so, how did you do this? There are tutorials for booting the HPS from FPGA with U-Boot SPL. The tutorials use the FPGA On-Chip Memory for just the Preloader and they load the actual Bootloader from SD-card or QSPI Flash. We have custom board with just blank eMMC-memory, EPCQ256 and Cyclone V SoC-device. I guess that it’s possible to load the bootloader also from FPGA, but I haven’t found any information about this. We would like to boot the U-Boot from the FPGA and then write the actual OS-image to eMMC-memory using Ethernet.


you can use ds 5 to load u boot and preloader there is a script uboot.ds… that you to have run using debugging option in ds 5