Booting Linux in Sockit Board

I’m trying to boot Linux on the SoCKit Board (rev. D), but so far without success.

I’ve followed the following guide:

I’ve also checked the board configurations numerous times, as it is stated here:

I’m sure that I’m doing something wrong, but I do not know what. Can someone help me?


Hi aet,
In Rev. D the SoC changed from the Engineering Sample to 5CSXFC6D6.
Maybe the image which you have is for the engineering sample?
You should find the newer one here:

and a step by step documentation:


Hello schnudi,

Thank you very much for your reply.

When trying the image that you suggested, I realized that the jumpers, even though in the right placement, were not doing their job properly due to connection issues.

After fixing them, the board started to work properly.