Bsp-editor : command not found


After downloading EDS Pro 18.0 for Linux, I downloaded the EDS suite and launched the embedded shell. Despite being able to launch eclipse from the embedded shell I keep getting the error when trying to launch the bsp-editor : “bsp-editor : command not found”. I want to say it has something to do with the path the embedded shell is searching for but am unsure. Has anyone else had this error ?


I believe you need to install Quartus as well.
Did you resolve this?

I did end up resolving this. The issue was that my path would not change (I was using “echo $PATH” before and after launching the embedded shell and my path was not changing). There was an error in my .bashrc file related to Quartus (must have been when I installed Quartus) that was preventing me from changing the path. Commenting out a few lines fixed the issue!