Bsp-generate-files with mainline U-boot 2019.04

I am currently trying to port my U-boot from the altera fork v. 2013 to the latest 2019.04 mainline U-boot.

For compiling and using the U-boot SPL, It seems to be that the bsp-generate-files application, which generates the preloader sources from the bsp-settings file, is only compatible with older U-boots.

For validation, I’ve tried to generate my sources with the Quartus SDK v 18.1, unfortunately bsp-generate-files still generates the sources in the old format.

Is there a tool which is compatible to the latest U-Boot?

edit: a little more bit in detail: newer U-Boots implement:


which include the header file (e.g pinmux_config.h)., which has been generated from bsp-generate-files.

However, with the current sources, there is an additional source file (e.g pinmux_config.c) generated.

Surely, It would be possible for me to copy and slightly modify the informations in the source file to the header file, but then my automatized build would not work.

You can use u-boot with u-boot’s SPL by running the following commands:

make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=${CC} socfpga_de10_nano_defconfig
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=${CC} menuconfig
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=${CC} u-boot-with-spl.sfp

Where {CC} points to your cross compiler directory and the sources used are the ones from the main socfpga u-boot git:

The output will be a file called “u-boot-with-spl.sfp”

Thanks for the reply rafael, indeed I’m building u-boot with spl,
however “socfpga_de10_nano_defconfig” won’t work because I’m using a custom board with an specific defconfig file.

This means that the default preloader configuration, which is in the arch\arm\mach-socfpga\ cannot work right now. Thats why I want to include my own handoff files, which I generate from Quartus

Have you followed the u-boot socfpga instructions? (