Building custom yocto sd card image following "robseb yocto project"

I am using cyclone V DE1 soc. I want to map SPI peripheral through FPGA, and want to operate spi master through python in linux user space. I am following robseb yocto project

  1. modified the GHRD (routed spi through FPGA in HPS) in qsys.
  2. replaced the .qip file with generated one.
  3. modified the top level file and assigned the pin.
  4. clone the socfpgaPlatformGenerator in the project folder.
  5. executed command $ python3 socfpgaPlatformGenerator

selected the option “1” the “D”

but a error appears ::

ERROR: The script was not executed inside the cloned Github folder
Please clone this script from Github and execute the script
directly inside the cloned folder!

cant understand why this is happening.

Bug fixed
… just clone and run