Building linux kernel

Hi all I am trying to boot linux on my altera FPGA nios2 board. I am following this page :

I successfully generated the the vmlinux and vmimage but unfortunately the size of generated vmlinux is 140.1 MB and the SDRAM on my board is 32 MBytes, my nios2-download -g vmlinux command is not working, always the verification fails. (please see the attached images)

to make the kernel small I tried to remove some modules when running make menuconfig but it is giving error

I just want to boot linux and get command prompt to demo basic linux commands, not require heavy modules

Please help me I am a newbie and totally in dark what to do.
thanks in advance

Hi, do you have an SD card slot on your board?
I don’t think you can use the SDRAM of the board for this.

Great thanks for your reply,

Yes sir my board has sd card slot please guide me how can i add sd card slot in my nios design and boot kernel from it


A very useful tutorial for me was at:;

I successfully created an embedded linux version with custom fpga components so I think you best follow this step-by-step tutorial.