Building root file system with SDK (gcc, headers, et. al)

Hello all,

We have a hardware design based on the Altera Cyclone V SoC and in general everything is working okay; I can build, install, and run all the various software components. The system is running as expected. Currently, in order to build any software for the target I’ve been using cross compilation on the host and this has been working okay but it’s not ideal for our end users.

What I’ve been trying to do is to generate a system image that includes the build toolchain (gcc, headers, etc.) but for whatever reason yocto is not including the SDK-related stuff in the generated system image. My intent is to have the SoC device NFS mount to this “SDK” root for development.

The system is built using the steps provided on this site:

In my ~/yocto/build/conf/local.conf I’ve added “dev-pkgs tools-sdk tools-debug” to EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES, but it looks like they are being ignored. The system image generates fine, but no gcc, headers, etc. My understanding is that this should do it.

I’ve experimented with explicitly adding the underlying packages (gcc libgcc-dev eglibc-dev) to IMAGE_INSTALL_append but that doesn’t work either; I get various build errors depending on the packages specified. The closest I’ve come is specifying “gcc” for IMAGE_INSTALL_append and I get /usr/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc but no standard header files, development libraries, etc.

Does anyone have any input or advice on this? Is this a Yocto problem or a problem with the Altera layers? I’m not sure what my options are in terms of trying a version of yocto newer than Danny (1.3).

Thanks in advance.

For those so inclined, I was able to resolve my problems by migrating my Yocto version up to Jethro (2.0). I can now generate system images with full build chain, dev libraries, etc. I had no luck with the older Danny or Dylan.


I would like to ask you about the migration to new Yocto.
I am also planning to migrate to new Yocto Project with Altera.

What sources have you used when you migrate to new Yocto Project?
Have you used only plain Yocto from their website and add meta-altera only from altera github:

or have you include meta-altera from another sources? like:

Only asking because altera Yocto from link you provide I which I use is very re-scripted by Altera
so if there are any important changes I need to be aware.




I used the latter source for meta-altera. Here was my initial setup:

git clone -b jethro git://
cd poky
git clone -b jethro git://
git clone -b jethro git://
git clone -b jethro git:// 

The meta-openembedded was added for a few utilities I needed in the image, but isn’t required for a default build.

Note that my migration was only for generating the root filesystem image. Now, I can generate a big, fat image with all of the development stuff included that I can mount via NFS. This is much easier for development and testing of user-space stuff. For us, the preloader, bootloader, DTB, and kernel are all built outside of the yocto build environment so I have no idea how the updated yocto and meta-altera will affect those components.

Hope that helps.


Hi, I wnt to say tank you for your information, I been trying to install opencv, but i do not have so clear how to do it, could you help me being more extensive on this topic?, I read the procedure on how to built the system on the link you provide it above, but I am lost.

I am working on developing an application for a object fast tracking with opencv using it on the hps of the fpga De0 Nano Soc.

Thanks in advance for your help.