Changing Master Boot Record (MBR) starting partition address

From what I understand, the partitioning of the Linux system - when booting from an SD card on an embedded device should look something similar to:

I want to move partition 2 up and merge it with the unused space. In this scenario the ordering of the partitions would read 1, 3, 2. According to what I have read, the order of the partitions should not matter as long as the MBR partition start address is modified correctly or the boot loader is modified properly. After extensive googling I am unsure as per how to do this and if I am on the correct path. Any advice would be helpful.

Thank you,

It will definitely cause problems in Uboot if you use EXT Partition as RootFS. in u-boot.src you specify your rootfs and this is /dev/mmcblk0p2 it will have to be changed and also find all the places where else it can be used and changed

If you really need this space used I would create a different partition there and mounted to something like /mnt/extra_space rather than wasting my time on hacking existing configuration

After a lot of reading and attempts at configuring, I believe that is what I will go ahead and do. Thank you for your help. If I am able to find a solution to the modification of u-boot.src I will post it.