Choosing Linux kernel and distro for Cyclone V

Apparently there is quite a few options and selections that needs to be made when building Linux for Cyclone V (Atlas SoC in my case). Both the kernel version and the Linux distro needs to be selected. This is surely daunting to new users.

Is there an overview somewhere that guides what choice to make? I’m not referring to the differences between Yocto vs Ångström, but rather why chose one over the other from a SoC point of view. Or even if they are same-same. I thinking more in line of which distro is actively developed, which kernel is more active, where the current development efforts are being spent, why select kernel 4.4 in favor of 4.3 and so on.

Use Angstrom. It is very much complete than Yocto. Angstrong has package management system and I think Yocto doesnt so to install something in Yocto you have to Compile. Yocto doesnt even have a text editor like VI or nano and ANgstrom does. The only good thing of Yocto is that comes with gdb-server installed and you can Debug an app from DS5 step by step. In angstrom you can only copy and execute an application.
When I was trying to compile Angstrom I found more and more understandable info for Angstrom than for Yocto. But this is maybe a problem of lack of knowledge on OS and compilation. I could compile and run angstrom with kernel 3.10 and 3.18 in Terasic DE1-SoC board.
To select a kernel version I would select the latest ltsi (better combination of stability, newest features and support time).

Those are some ideas I remember. Check all this before apply. I am just talking about things I did one year ago

I found ubuntu minimal is the best way to go.