Correct Pin Assignment for Clock Input of Cyclone V Soc

Hello all,
I just made a simple 4 bit binary counter that counts on each positive edge of the clock. I am going to do pin assignments. I searched everywhere in the user manual but couldn’t find the Sockit Board (5CSXFC6D6F31C8) pin reference for the 50MHz clock input. I checked reference manuals of other boards and they mention respective pin reference for clock input on FPGA SoC board but for my board I cant find it. All I found is this image below…SO dont know which what is the pin reference on the board. How do I find it in pin assignment editor and planner.?

Any ideas. For now I am just using a push button on my board to use it as clock but it is headache to keep pushing this button again again and again to realise the clock. thats why I want my FPGA to have input from on the board clock generator….
Here is the code…

module blink(clk,rst,out);
input clk, rst;
output [3:0] out;
reg [3:0] temp;

always @ (posedge clk)
temp =0;
temp = temp+1’b1;
assign out=temp;

You are right, clock input is really very well hidden.
I usualy look at “SocKt - My First FPGA” if I need to assign it. However, I has not be able to find the source at internet - I have got a printed version only.
So, I could only tell You a proper pin: PIN_AF14.
I am sorry I could not help in a better way.
Yours Jan Konečný.

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