CV SOC with PCIe v2022.11, lspci shows nothing

Hi everyone,

I downloaded the CV SOC QPDS22.1STD_REL_GSRD_PR and recompiled the hw design with ENABLE_PCIE flag. In ghrd_top.v I see that PCIe is added to the design.

I ran the CV BSP Generator to process the handoff files. Checked out the kirkstone Yocto branch and followed the steps in Setting_Up_Yocto_Build_System/Customize Yocto Build/Build Yocto and created the SD card with the new image.

When I log into Linux, lspci shows no devices, nor I can find the root port driver.

Can someone point me how to build the Linux Yocto for the GHRD 2022.11 with PCIe? Is there anything I need to modify or configure prior to building Yocto image?

Thank you.