Cyclone V boot from Nand


On the documentation for the Cyclone V it mentions that booting from nand should be possible. Now we created a board utilizing nand flash, and we’re trying to boot it without much success. We get absolutely no output from UART. Through JTAG we can see that the image is actually correctly loaded into OCRAM, but from there it seems to get stuck.


  • mkpimage header bytes are not correct according to the documentation by Altera, but they do seem to match up with the ones for the DE10-nano board, so I suspect the documentation being out of date.
  • initswstate register contains 1 rather than magic value 0x49535756
  • bootromswstate contains 0b11, which according to the documentation shouldn’t be a possible state (the first bit implies no correct image was found while the second bit implies it correctly booted one).
  • clicking through the disassembly shows code being stuck in an endless loop. Not sure if it is part of bootrom or preloader.

The experience and documentation on getting the Cyclone V booting from nand flash seems to be scarse. We wonder if anyone here has gotten it to work, or can at least point us in the right direction.

Thanks in advance,