Cyclone v Boot Linux from QSPI - panic

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to read this post.
I am a HW engineer and this is my first project with SOC / linux, so bare with me
We have created a custom board with the cyclone v SOC.
In this board my only non-volatile storage is a QSPI chip.
The chip is a dual-die flash - with 2 N25Q512 stacked dies. It is on altera’s HPS HW comparability page.
it has 2 chip select pins.

My tool for Uboot/preloader is 16.1 SOC EDS.

Following the various tutorials on I have managed to achieve the following :

  1. Generate preloader
  2. Generate uboot with qspi support.
  3. Change the boot method to qspi boot, with rootfs set to jffs2
  4. make a bin file containing preloader,uboot, dtb ans linux zImage - burn to flash with CS =0
  5. jffs2 file supplied by altera - angstrom-minimal-rootfs-qspi-64k-erase.jffs2 - burn to flash with CS =1

I am able to run uboot successfuly.
i am able to access both QSPI chips using ‘sf probe x’ where x=0/1.

I Then copied the zimage kernel and the jffs2 rootfs files that comes with the distribution of soceds - I currently do not have the tools or the knowledge how to modify / compile these files.
I used the files for version 18.0 of the EDS, because the rootfs there fits inside a 64Mb flash.

uboot manages to load the kernel (v. 4.1.22-ltsi) ,
but when the kernel tries to mount the rootfs, i get:

jffs2: … crc failed on 0x0 read 0xxxxxxxx and calculated 0xyyyyyyyy

and also:
jffs2: you cannot use older jffs2 systems with newer kernels.

finally , i get the message:

kernel panic - not syncing: no working init found. try passing init= option to kernel

What to do ? i expected that using the pre-built files would be the safes route to go…?


what uboot version you are using?
try the uboot from altera githung.

Hi has,
I am using u-boot version 2013.01.01
Because this is a custom board and i am booting from QSPI,
i had to follow this tutorial ’ GSRD v13.1 - Booting from QSPI

My uboot appears to be OK - i can copy files, ping my host pc …