Cyclone V Development kit with MATLAB HDL Coder


I have been trying to program my Cyclone V board for a basic LED blinking example using a MATLAB example as explained in this link.

  • My MATLAB version is R2015a with valid toolboxes.
  • My Quartus version is 15.0 (Both runon 64 bit windows7)
  • I have also installed USB Blaster and UART drivers. I have also connected the board with ethernet cable.

One important thing is, all of these run on a virtual machine (both host and guest are windows 7 64 bit).

Now the problem is, I cannot successfully complete the example. According to the link, when I go thru step 4.1 (i.e. to create a project on Quartus), I get this below error message.

Error: Unrecognised switch <b>file-set</b>

I don’t understand the reason behind this. Can anyone help me out?

You’re probably better off contacting Mathworks support for this example, but can you provide a screenshot of what you see and not just the error message?

Thanks for replying, I solved the issue finally by downgrading Quartus to 14.0 (earlier it was 15.0),

With Quartus 15.0, when I specify the tool path on MATLAB, it gives me the option to choose either Qsys 13.1 or 14.0 and when a select either of them, there was a warning saying, it may not be compatible. So I did a clean installation of Quartus 14.0, the warning disappeared and now it works.

Nevertheless I’m still not quite convinced because, with Quartus 15.0, only MATLAB was giving me this error. I could work with Quartus (no MATLAB!) without any problems.