Cyclone V partial reconfiguration

Has anybody had success doing partial reconfiguration on a Cyclone V SoC?

Is there an “SC” suffix part available for Cyclone V SoC ?
So far I have not seen one on the distributors web site.

Can partial reconfiguration be accomplished using lite version of Quartus for Cyclone V SoC?

Hi John,
Where have you read or hear about the possibility to do a partial reconfiguration?
I am reading myself into FPGA configuration from HPS since I can’t get the USB Blaster to work on my Ubuntu 16.04, but I have not come across the option that it should be possible to do a partial (re)configuration.


It is mentioned in the datasheet for the cyclone v soc.
Here is a discussion:

However, these gentlemen seem to have done it back in 2015.

It seems that the full $$$ version of quartus is required to support it. And that is easier to get if you have academic discounts I guess. :frowning:

Perhaps Xilinx will provide this in the free design tools… I have yet to investigate!

Ah ok, I see. Did you contact the authors of the publication?
Good luck with your Xilinx investigation!

No point contacting the authors - since they certainly had the $$$ tools. I do not.

Xilinx partial reconfiguration is a $$$ option also.

So, I will just have to wait for this feature to make it down to the free tool(s).