Cyclone V: Running bare-metal from SDRAM memory. Error

I am using De1-SoC board. Cyclone V (Cortex-A9). As far as I understand the base address of the SDRAM memory in the MPU address space is 0x00100000 and the ending address is 0xC0000000 by default. Its written in the TR-manual in the system interconnect chapter. My question is why am I getting an error when I try to load a simple program to the SDRAM memory with following scatter file configuration?

SDRAM 0x00100000 0x02000000 ;




  • (+ RO , + RW , + ZI )


ARM_LIB_STACKHEAP 0x000800000 EMPTY 0x000100000 ; Application heap and stack

{ }




! Failed to load “HelloWorldARM.axf”

! Failed to write 3,132 bytes to address S:0x00100000

! General error on memory or register access.

One reason could be that the SDRAM is not configured but I am already running a preloader before loading my bare-metal program. Any hints??