Cyclone V / socfpga Error with EMACS

Hello there,

we currently building a board with the Cyclone V SOC. This Board is based on the de0-nano-soc evaluationboard and i used the U-Boot(v. 2017.05)-de0-nano-soc-project to create our own bootloader.

Problem: If i use the provided µSD-card from Terasic, our board boot without any problems. If i change the u-boot.img file with my own u-boot file or with the new build de0-nano-soc-file, the EMACs wont work.

Error: ethernet@0xff700000 address not set.
Error: ethernet@0xff702000 address not set. (only when i change the emacs)

I don’t mind if i get only one or both EMACS working… But i really stuck here. Any Ideas?

I looked in the device tree file from the SD-Card, no differences. I changed the PIN_MUX. Nothing seems to help
I’m really new with U-Boot and FPGA’s and SOC’s

Thanks for the Support :slight_smile:

can I ask You about differences of a content on provided SD card image and Yours image?
I am using another development board (Terasic Cyclone V Development Board) and I used to have problems with Ethenet too. Then I found out that XML files describing board provided with GSRD version 16.0 for the Device Tree Blob are incomplete - some lines describing connection of Ethernet with reset manager and system manager of HPS are missing.
More over, are You enabled EMACS0, EMACS1 or both in Qsys?
If You had done changes in Qsys, did You regenerate Preloader? And what about deferences in Device Tree Blob?
The last question is which procedure do You use for U-Boot generating?
I will look forward to hearing from You…