Cyclone V Socket Board Not Booting

I have tried almost 3 to 4 Linux images on two different SD cards with more than 5 soc_system.rbf (FPGA configuration files) but my Board is not able to boot. Even the FPGA is not able to be configured. The board seems to be stucked with all the LEDS on board light up with a very dim and low light. I checked CONSOL output on PUTTY but there is nothing.
I have already checked all the boot switches and jumpers on boards and they are all fine. Putty Baud rate, FPGA configuration file and Linux images everything is fine. I have also verified that Linux image is correclty written onto the mirco SD card.
Does anyone has idea what to do!! Because one week ago my board was working perfectly fine. Here is what my socket cyclone V FPGA (5CSXFC6D6F31C8NES) is showing me …

connect the serial interface,
and check where the board stuck.

I checked at putty terminal and it stucks at blinking light led server.
I have the feeling that Linux image is corrupted. I am trying to get Linux image at but it is removed from there. Do you have Linux image for socket board?

you ve an terasic board,
get the image from their website:

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