De0-nano-soc/Atlas kit


We have the Atlas/DE0-nano-SoC.

We followed to the letter the link here:

but we get a linux without eth0 and no gcc installed. (not angstrom linux)

With the card came an image which has angstrom 2014.12 that has working eth0 and gcc installed.
We would like to be able to compile that angstrom 2014.12 and create the sdcard image it was given with.

Where can i find exact instruction to do it ?

i tried that: .
it failes on some and files,
and meta-htc/conf/layer.conf file not found.

Can you help ?

Thank you in advance,


I’m not using Ångström, so I cannot help you with setting up gcc. But I think I can shed some light into the eth0 issue: I believe that the device tree info is outdated and is missing

I have just published a simple framework for compiling the FPGA and boot-files for this kit.

I struggled for many days to get the eth0 and the mmc to work properly on the newer linux kernels (both the latest and the ltsi). After much trial and error, the problems was fixed and I’ve commited the new updated decive tree addition (in board_info/ directory in the repo).

I tested this as follows:

  • Compile the FPGA project in the project
  • Generate the boot files, sd_fat.tar.gz, in the project
  • Copy the Intel provided rootfs (from intelFPGA/17.1/embedded/embeddedsw/socfpga/prebuilt_images/angstrom-minimal-rootfs.tar.gz)
  • Make an SD card

I see that I get eth failures on the old xml-files, while with the new I get Ångström working with ethernet.