DE1-SoC UVC support

I’m working with DE1-SoC MTL board and I want to plug in the webcams to the usb port. I followed the tutorial to get the kernel source. In order to get the UVC support I enabled it using make menuconfig, compiled the kernel, copied the uImage along with the generated device tree and I installed the modules.
Unfortunately when I plug in the camera I cannot get any picture. The camera is recognized correctly (I checked this with lsusb), the drivers are loaded, i can get the supported video formats etc. I use Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 and Creative Live! Cam sync hd, both UVC compliant devices. The dmesg shows two errors I think are important:

dwc2 ffb40000.usb: dwc2_assign_and_init_hc: Failed to allocate memory to handle non-dword aligned buffer
uvcvideo: Failed to query (GET_DEF) UVC control 7 on unit 2: -110 (exp. 2).

I found that the dwc2 driver is usb connected and is there sth that needs enabling in the kernel as well to get rid of the errors?

I was also thinkng about getting the newest kernel source, maybe there would be no errors there. So, for the DE1-SoC (without touch display for now) can I download kernel source from , then make socfpga_config, make menuconfig to enable uvc, make socfpga_cyclone5.dtb to have the device tree and then install modules, and it should work? Or am I missing something?

I am new to recompiling kernels especially on embedded devices so I would appreciate any help.