DE10-nano FPGA usb blaster not detected

I’m very new to FPGAs, sorry if this is a dumb question.

I’ve been working with a DE10-nano with a pre-installed image on the SD card, running ubuntu 20.04 on my computer. A few days ago when I connected the FPGA to a power source it would boot properly with the amber led coming on, and would be detected when I plugged it in via the usb blaster to my laptop. Now, though, when I connect it to power only the blue led and the small line of green leds comes on, without the amber one. Additionally, running lsusb and dmesg shows no output after plugging it in to my laptop.

Is this most likely a problem with the microSD card? If it’s not booted properly, does that naturally mean the FPGA won’t be detected as a usb device?


Have you tried using the UART port to check the boot process?

Did you do this manip?

What image are you using?