De1Soc Board - Glibc

Hey guys!
i have a linux image provided by the village support whose version is 17.1.

It turns out that I expressed 1 code from 1 user:

It turns out that when I try to run the program I get the following error:

How can I fix it?
Thank you for atention.

Looks like their Linux image doesn’t have the linking libraries needed to run this application.

Who is village support?
Is 17.1 the Quartus version they built the RTL with?

I looked at the git; it does not seem to be well documented. I am not familiar with the OpenCL HLS workflow.

Are you running this application, run.exe, on CycloneV ARM-A9’s or your host machine where you compile the RTL in Quartus? I read through the documentation and it looks like you are going to run this thing on a host and it will compile everything (and maybe load your CycloneV on your DE1-SoC in the background). Please correct me if I am wrong, the documentation is unclear. You appear to be running the application on the board based on the root@socfpga terminal, so I am very confused. Please provide more detail.

Assuming I am right, and you are running this one some host and you are getting that failure message.

Maybe try getting glibc 2.17 from here


Then if you are running Debian, you can convert them to deb following these instructions

Then install the dkpg’s with apt

This is assuming that everything I assumed is correct.