Debian for terasic DE1-SOC


i have a DE1-SOC board. im trying to find a SD image with debian or ubuntu 14( and up)

can someone help me with this issue ?


You can use this Arrow SoCKit image
Dont forget to replace and use your preloader, uboot and files in the FAT partition(.dtb, .scr, .rbf…)
In other words you can use filesystem and kernel from this Arrow SoCKit image and build your own Debian Image!

thank you for your help :smile:

im new in this SOC world so ill be happy if you can help we with some instructions.

im using a new board i didn’t changed nothing (the FPGA have the same firmware from factory )
the only thing i did i was download the Ubuntu SD card image file from terasic web and i put it on a new SD card and also changed the configuration SW on the board (as it say in the user manual) .the board sussed to run ubuntu.

so what i need to do for running debian?

i need to down load a spacial firmware for the FPGA?or spacial SD image file?

i be thankful if you can direct me or give me some instructions


Take a look at (specially at the end “Updating Individual Elements on the SD card”)
To get debian running: just replace the zImage and filesysstem from your UbuntuImage with the zImage and filesystem from the DebianImage(arrow SOCkit). All other files and partitions are independent from Linux dist!
Use dd and dont forget to sync!

Also!!! what you call “fpga firmware” its the rbf file in the fat partition! The HPS usually use this file to configure the FPGA! Just dont replace or change the rbf file in your UbuntuImage!