Debug Agilex HPS U-Boot

Can anybody point me to a guide to how to start debugging U-Boot on the Agilex HPS?
My experience is that DS-5.29.3 doesn’t allow to create a Debug Connection to this target, so I installed the new DS-2020.0.
I can create a new “Makefile Project with Existing Code” and browse the source code (u-boot-socfpga), but how do I load the symbols into the debugger?
When I try to set a breakpoint, it is in the pending state, and when I click Resolve, I get this error message:
! Failed to resolve breakpoint: 1
! No compilation unit matching “/home/ahj/projects/Edinburgh/SW/u-boot-socfpga2/common/board_f.c” was found


In this ARM guide I learned how lo load the symbols:

Now my next problem is that the debugger doesn’t break in my initial breakpoint, boardinit_f
In this old guide Loading U-Boot from DS-5 is used a debugger initialization script named u-boot.ds, but the reference examples in SOCEDS 20.1 do not contain such a script. There is folder examples/hardware/agilex_soc_devkit_ghrd/software/hps_debug/, but no instructions on how to use the contents.