vs repository for Arria 10

What is the relationship of these three U-Boot Git repositories:

  1. github-com/altera-opensource/u-boot-socfpga/
  2. gitlab-denx-de/u-boot/custodians/u-boot-socfpga/
  3. gitlab-denx-de/u-boot/u-boot

For previous projects (based on i.MX and Zynq) I would always use the “official” denx repository (3), but I am not sure what to use for my current Arria 10 project. The mainline denx repo seems to have Arria10 support in it, and when I build and install it, it loads and runs okay (almost).


Title should have been denx vs altera-opensource repository for Arria 10.

Does the former get updated periodically from the latter?