DS-5: Project types: require license


I try to create a new Bare metal project according to this manual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHuM2mBlLxc
But if I choose new C Project there is no folder named “Bare-metal Executable” or “Bare-metal Executable”.

After i read the documentation, there is a software license requred to create such a Bare metal project: “Bare metal projects require a software license for ARM Compiler to successfully build an ELF image.”

This is why i active a 30-days trial ultimate license and restared my eclipse. But still this options to create such a project dont show up.

Here is the Difference shown in the pictures (left how it looks like and right how it should be):

Do anyone have an idea what I have to do to get the options in the “New C Porject” Explorer?

Thanks in advance