Eclipse doesn't see USB-Blaster

I’ve recently installed DS-5 Eclipse v5.26, downloaded from the Altera website.
Eclipse does not show the USB Blaster anywhere, so I cannot even do the baremetal hello world.
The Quartus GUI and command line tools do, however, show the USB-blaster.
The problem is the same on both my Windows 7 x64 installation, and my Ubuntu 16 installations of the DS-5 tools.

So I’m pretty sure this is an Eclipse behavior.
Any idea how to connect to my board via Eclipse?

Just out of curiosity do you have a USB to serial adaptor plugged in? I am not using DS-5 but have noticed an interaction between the 2, i.e. the Altera programmer will not see my blaster if I also have a serial adaptor plugged in and open with PuTTY

I do have serial port and regular USB connected to the Rocket board, but I don’t think that’s the issue. The Quartus tools see the jtag just fine. It’s eclipse that is being retarded.

And I don’t think it’s a matter of drivers, etc. Eclipse appear to require some type of database to know what types of debug targets are available. The “Debug Configurations” is supposed to have an “Altera” entry with a bunch of sub entries below it. I suspect if my only issue were the jtag not being seen, this Altera tree would still show, but the error would be farther down the tree somehow. Instead, I see absolutely no hint that Eclipse even knows WTF Altera is, much less anything about Jtag.

Aaaah, you have to create a configuration. See here SoC EDS Guide: