EDS - Embedded directory not exist

I have Arria 10 Soc board and Linux PC.
According to the “Generating u-boot and device tree” tutorial, after downloading the EDS, I should have and “Embedded” directory:

but there is no “Embedded” directory in my EDS.

Waiting for any help,

Hello, @OrenZvuluni,
the “embedded” directory is a subdirectory of Intel SoC Embedded Development Suite installation directory.
The default directory is the Quartus Prime installation directory and EDS should be installed there (to avoid problems with paths).
So e.g, if You has installed Intel SoC EDS version 18.1, You are looking for
~/intelFPGA_pro/18.1/embedded at Linux based distribution, or
C:\intelFPGA_pro\18.1\embedded at Windows.
Hope this help You.
Best wishes
Jan Konečný.

I made a mistake and installed the "Quartus Prime Standard Edition " instead of “Intel SoC FPGA Embedded Development Suite”

Thanks for the help!

Well, never mind, @OrenZvuluni,
I am happy that the problem is solved :sunny:.
Best wishes.