Error Rebuilding Linux Kernel (missing openssl/bio.h)

I’m totally new to embedded LINUX and need to write a few device drivers for an ARRIA 10 design.

I have been working through the “Introduction to Linux Kernel Tutorial” found on When I attempt to re-build the kernel, the build fails as shown below. My host is UBUNTU 12.04 LTS. Is there an additional step to retrieve the required openssl code?

Here’s the output of the make …

make ARCH=arm LOCALVERSION= zImage
CHK include/config/kernel.release
CHK include/generated/uapi/linux/version.h
CHK include/generated/utsrelease.h
CHK include/generated/bounds.h
CHK include/generated/timeconst.h
CHK include/generated/asm-offsets.h
CALL scripts/
CHK scripts/mod/devicetable-offsets.h
HOSTCC scripts/extract-cert
scripts/extract-cert.c:21:25: fatal error: openssl/bio.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

Hello, Rick_Williams,
OpenSLL is a package of operating system for secure connection via net. It needs some certificate for doing something and it could not find it. However, packages are parts of Root File System of the Linux operating system, not parts of Linux kernel. So, building something for OpenSLL while rebuilding Linux kernel is strange. I think that the problem is that Your Ubuntu tries to connect to certain place at internet to get a tool which is need for building Linux kernel according to the Makefile and which is missing.
May be, the missing part could be a cross-compile toolchain. Did You properly install and export it? It means, are You able to get answer for command
arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc --version
? And did You export it as cross-compilator
export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf-
Moreover it is rather reliable to write it also as a part of make command, in this way:
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gueabihf- LOCALVERSION= zImage
I hope this message help You a bit.
Best regards.