Expansion Headers for Cyclone 5 eval boards

Is there any good reference on how to map/use the expansion headers in Cyclone 5 eval kits? I am using Terasic Cyclone 5 eval with 2x20 expansion header. And I want to use several expansion pins as raw GPIO.

I’m running on Linux, where I am already able to read the values from the switches (raw GPIO) and set values for LEDs. But I can’t seem to get the expansion header pin into GPIO mode, primarily as input mode. The datasheet of this kit is indicating the expansion headers are mapped to GPIO1. But I always read 0 from GPIO0, GPIO1, or GPIO mapped addresses.

What am I missing (pinmux?) ? Or where should I check (repos) for good reference?

From the top of my head the GPIO isn’t fully memory mapped to the HPS.
You’ll need to configure that yourself using Platform Designer.

Which board exactly are you using?

I am evaluating Terasic’s ADC_SOC board (Cyclone V) and you might be correct that GPIO isn’t fully memory mapped to the HPS.
I’m not well versed with the platform designer, though. But I only see 3 PIO in their Platform designer file or qsys (LED, BUTTON, and SWITCH). So if I were to add a new memory map for say GPIO1’s first 8 bits, which part of Quartus or Platform designer will tell that the new PIO is now mapped to a specific GPIO?