Fail to build the GSRD with Yocto


After clone the Yocto script and prepare the build and customize Yocto build, I run “bitbake_image” but get error there.

I even try “Clone the Yocto script and prepare the build” step then “bitbake_image” and get similar error. Therefore, I do not think it is the problem about the setting steps but some other setting mistake.

Can someone help me with this? Thanks

The error message is like:

ExpansionError during parsing /home/zdkj/test_2_13/gsrd_socfpga/meta-intel-fpga-refdes/recipes-tools/remote-debug-app/
File “/home/xyt/test_2_13/gsrd_socfpga/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/”, line 1218, in srcrev_internal_helper(ud=<bb.fetch2.FetchData object at 0x7f7bd6dec550>, d=<bb.data_smart.DataSmart object at 0x7f7bd698ceb0>, name=‘default’):
if srcrev == “AUTOINC”:
> srcrev = ud.method.latest_revision(ud, d, name)

Because the new user cannot post more than 2 link. I cannot post the whole message.