FPGA dead on DE0-Nano-SoC?

My DE0-Nano-SoC board worked fine when I powered it off yesterday, but when I powered it back on this morning, the HPS froze during the Ångström boot process. After a number of tries, it always seemed to freeze at around “Started udev kernel device manager” and “Found device /dev/ttyS0”, sometimes with the following messages:
platform soc:leds: Driver leds-gpio requests probe deferral
platform soc:keys: Driver gpio-keys requests probe deferral.
Is this where the HPS first tries to communicate with FPGA?

I tried rewriting the SD card in case the filesystem had become corrupted, but that didn’t change anything. If I don’t insert the SD card, but use JTAG to program the FPGA, the “FPGA configured” LED lights up, but the FPGA does not do anything. Is the FPGA dead, or is there something I could do to try and revive the board?

Turns out the FPGA was indeed defective.