Getting started DSP Builder 21.3

I’m having trouble accessing the DSP Builder Advanced Blockset in Simulink after installing version 21.3 on MATLAB 2020A. The block set doesn’t appear when I try to access it. I attached an image of the issue.

Thank you to anyone who can help me.

It may be an issue with the libraries and their links.

Can you open intelFPGA_pro/23.4/quartus/dspba/Blocksets/ModelPrim/DSPBAPrim.slx etc. directly in Simulink? If so you could link to it manually as a workaround.

We also had some problems with the old .mdl files from the DSPBA blockset, which were getting loaded very slowly or not at all. Converting them to slx files may work. Unfortunately the DSPBA libraries are all over the place in the file tree.