GHRD for DE10-Nano compatible with Angstrom V2016

Hi all - I want to use the linux image given here. However, when I use the GHRD that came with the DE10-Nano CD and copy the rbf and device tree into the SD Card, I get the error ERROR: Did not find a cmdline Flattened Device Tree

This link suggests that it might be a problem with the device tree but I’m not super familiar with it just yet to understand what might be the issue.

My question is, Is there a GHRD/GSRD reference project that I can use along with the image above without having to re-build linux and the bootloader?


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I think it might be because the device tree needs to be configured to use the HDMI output for the included image.

Anyways, my main issue was that to have a more recent linux distro to work with. The rsyocto solved that problem. It’s a console only, Yocto-based distro that also includes tools to flash the FPGA directly from Linux.