GHRD Max10 Time Limited SOF

Hello All,
I’m running the GHRD on a Max10 Dev Kit. After making a couple of additions (implementing an interface to the DAC) I tried rebuilding using Quartus Prime 16.1.2 Lite (The free edition). After the build I found I cannot produce a .POF programming file as the .SOF file is marked as Time Limited and only runs if I an tethered to Quartus. I’m assuming at the moment that this is because one of the pieces of the GHRD now requires a license. Does anyone know which part? The original downloaded project had a .POF so is this now something related to the Quartus Prime version?
Any help or suggestions will be gratefully received.

I may have answered part of my own question. There is an IP report generated by Quartus which describes some of the cores as ‘OpenCore-Plus’. These include the Nios IIf core and the UART.
I now need to work out if the limitation is due to my Quartus lite license ans a full Quartus license would fix things