GPIO access deo nano cyclone V steps

Hi all,

I have been trying to access the GPIO_0 and GPIO_1 using the Deo nano cyclone V atlas.These are the following steps I have tried to get this working let me know where I am wrong.still I cannot access the GPIO pins

  1. The Quartus 2 tool is used to generate the .SOF file.Inside Quartus ,Qsys tool is used to generate the Verilog file for accessing the GPIO.Selected the required GPIO pins and created the verilog file.
  2. This Verilog FIle needs to be Linked to top level .V file which we have modified for our design and called the GPIO .
  3. once this is done we need to add the .sys and .V file and start compiling for .SOF file.
  4. I have used the default linux image and also created our own image which we have booted from the SD card.
    Does the default image is enough???
  5. One can check whether user can make GPIO work using echo gpio command .then this can be accessed in Linux user space.
    let me know where we are wrong .


I thing that the problem could be in Preloader and Device Tree Blob file (.dtb). The Preloader and ‘.dtb’ file predefined in image of SD card, which You use, probably does not include the rigth GPIO ports which You have specified in Your project.
So You need to generate Your own Preloader and ‘.dtb’ file according to Your unique system created in Qsys. Fortunatelly, it is quite simple procedure, You can find many guides on RocketBoards site, e.g.
I hope that this will be helpful.