GSRD Release Binaries not working on Agilex SOC


We have an Agilex F-Series FPGA Dev Kit_Enpirion board

(Device Part Number: AGFB014R24BE2V)

We are using the Intel Quartus Prime Version 22.2 tool to program the fpga

We Observed the below error:

Error(18950): Device has stopped receiving configuration data **

Error(18948): Error message received from device: External hardware access error. (Subcode 0xC808, Info 0x00000001, Location 0x00001800)

Error(22248): Error while sending CLEAR_FAULTS command, ensure Voltage Regulator supports this command.

Error(209012): Operation failed

System Configuration:
Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

Please Provide me any hints on this above mentioned error.

Thanks & Regards
Satrasala Raju

Just a shot in the dark here.

It sounds like the chip is bad or the board has a bad solder joint.

But, first make sure that the USB device you are connecting the board through is working. You might need a special driver.

You could also try an older version of the software, or a newer version of the software.

You should also try a windows machine to see if it has the same problem, then you’ll know if its the board or the OS causing problems.