How to build the Stratix 10 GHRD?

I am trying to build the Stratix 10 GHRD with PTP. When I attempt to build the design in Quartus it builds a one time limited sof. This doesn’t allow me to use this file in creating the SD card. How can one obtain a limited license to build the IP? Or does rocket boards have pre generated rbfs? Thank you!

Hi @jwillson1010 ,

Please find the pre generated files for Startix 10 GHRD

(Index of /2023.04/gsrd/s10_gsrd/)

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Raju S

Is the GHRD with 10GbE? I didnt think so?

Hi @jwillson1010

I just went through the same issue. The in the GHRD make file disable the following before running the make commands…

Enable SGMII (1GbE, 100MbE, 10MbE) design (HPS EMAC + 1G/2.5G/5G/10G Multi-Rate Ethernet PHY Intel FPGA IP).”

and change




Time limited sof is being generated as this IP being enabled requires a license? I am unclear on why.


Thank you for the help @jmarty . I also found the pre-built artifacts here at this location.

I wanted to ask do you have issues when compiling u-boot for a sd card? My u-boot.img is not being built correctly and it just hangs on boot.

HI @jwillson1010

I have only built the H-Tile SD Card Version and I am fairly sure that is taken care of internally, probably in the bitbake_image step. Though I never had an issue with that specifically.

What version of ubuntu are you on @jmarty ? Ive attempted to build the SD card via both methods below,

Hi @jwillson1010

I am on 22.04.2 LTS. Since talking I have tried the first link you sent (Building bootloader) and was successful, no issues with u-boot for me during the process.

I suggest trying from the start of building from the bootloader and making sure that nothing is missing in your build.