How to load RBF file from Linux kernel 4.1 on DE10-Nano SoC

I’ve been searching for a way to configure fpga from hps linux i have read many topics but i have no knowledge of using and working with device tree overlays.
I would really appreciate if someone posts a simple step by step guide to configure fpga from linux.

@alireza_73 This is a good example: Load fpga rbf from device tree overlay example?

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when i try to load dtbo with command mount -t configfs configfs /config
i get error mount: mount point /config does not exist
how shold can i solve this?
thanks in advance

@alireza_73 If the folder /config doesn´t exist you should create the folder with the command mkdir /config

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when i try to add the path i get the following error:

echo load_rbf.dtbo > /config/device-tree/overlays/test/path

-sh: echo: write error: No such device

@alireza_73 Did you configure your kernel to accept fpga configuration by device-tree overlay?
I´ll try to complile kernel 4.1 and run the commands.

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No, is there any guide available ?