How to make a binary file for bare metal application on Cyclone V

Hi everyone,

I am a newbie here and I really want to dig into FPGA-SoC field. Recently, I just bought a new Atlas-SoC board from Terasic ( Cyclone V ) and planned to build a bare metal application ( just blink some LEDs on the board or Hello world at first to get the concept and the working process ).

After a week, with a lots of effort and struggling, I managed to have my preloader, uboot and uboot script booted on the board. Now I just need a bare metal application to test. I downloaded EDS-SoC from Intel and tried to made few lines of code from a new project. The problem is all I have is an axf file and I don’t think it can be executed on the board. Then I knew about “fromelf” tool but it gave me an license error stating that it fails to check out a license ( although I activated my 30-days license ). My question is that if there is any ways else to work with this one. Or do I really have to a license ? Then I hope it is not too expensive because I am just a student ( and I learn those things by myself).

I am an Electrical Engineering student and mostly work on FPGA and microcontroller and want to step into embedded world. Therefore, these problems are kinda out of my level and I am not really a “software” guy. Hope someone can give some clues for my problem.

Cheers !

Hello, @Giant_Banana,
and have You visit tutorials at E.g. this one:
I hope this will help You in case, You has not progressed yet.
Yours Jan Konečný.

This tutorial helped me a lot:

Hope it helps you too!


Thanks Jan !

Sorry for replying late. I then later figured out that I set my license not properly. After that, I could use fromelf tool but now my 30-day license has expired ( haha ).

Once again, thanks a lot! Your help means a lot.

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Hi Richard,

Your tutorial is really helpful ! Thanks for your assistant. I really appreciate it.

Cheers !

You’re welcome! I hope you’ll be successful!